Gluten Test

Gluten-free foods has become a trend lately. Enthusiasts were developing the recipe by replacing the wheat flour, etc.


Complying legal requirements for food labeling and applicable for BPOM registration

Metals & Minerals


Identifiying any metals and minerals in your sampels. This test is also applicable for non-food samples.


(Aflatoxins & Ochratoxins)


Food Additives

Do your products have the concentration below than BPOM (Indonesia) standard? Lets make sure!

Is your product truly a blood glucose-friendly product? Let us help to prove it.

Physical Properties

& Organoleptics

You might want to evaluate your product with trained panelists, and we are here providing your wish.



Of course: carbohydrate, nitrogen content, protein, fat, ash, and water content. 




Forbiden Compound

(Formalin & Borax)

Make sure the ingridients used and the products is free from those! 

Most anticipated service this month! We can help you to count the lifespan of your products

Water Activity

This one factor can affect your product shelf life. Or maybe you desire lower AW? Test with us!

Vitamins Analysis

We can analyze soluble and insoluble vitamins. You can ask us for what kinds of vitamins available to be analyzed.

Fatty Acids &

Trans Fatty Acids

Knowing the type of fatty acids in your sample may be a plus value to claim your product. Let's prove it with us!

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