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Contribute to public food safety through MBRIO now

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Job Description

Full Time

Management Trainee Program

Getting involve to every division through rotation every 4 months for 16 months. If selected, you will be granted contract for 3 years in the selected division. Program starts February 2020.

Full Time

Food Inspector

Conscientious and love-to-travel person is what we are looking for. You will visit a lot of professional industrial sites, build network, and mastering food standards.

Full Time / Internship

Food & Marketing Executive

Have deep interest in both food, marketing, and food-trend is what we are looking for. Creating new ideas and strategies to keep relevant with the evolving food trend in the next 5 years. Having skill in graphic editing (PSD or CDR) would be a bonus point.


Research and Development

Creative ideas, laboratory skills, and problem solving. You will have the chance to involve directly to RnD and supervised by our directors. You'll get the chance to meet Prof. Winarno and influenced by his passion and his creative idea through talks.

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Food Lab


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