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Glycemic Index Test

Glycemic Index Test performs sequential procedure for quantitative analysis of the increase of blood glucose level after consuming specific food or beverage products. You will receive GI scoring resulit as High, Medium, or Low, and blood level-to-time interval curve graphs.

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Suit to many products

International Standard

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Broad scope of food and beverages product such as biscuits, wafers, fortified milk, gluten free bread, etc. Several diet-specified foods can also be tested with our service.

Your certification result will be internationally recognized. Our procedure follows ISO standard and our facility has been accredited by the national committee (KAN). 

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Data Required

Prove of the latest Certificate of Analysis (CoA) from an accredited food laboratory which includes:

  • Proximate result:

    • Water Content

    • Total Protein

    • Total Carbohydrate

    • Total Fat

    • Ash Content

  • Total Dietary Fiber (TDF) result 

  • Product’s Serving Method


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