Pathogen Bacteria


Analyzing the presence of pathogens such as E. coliS. aureusS. typhii,  

Enterobacteriaceae, B. cereus, etc.



Help you to analyze unkown microbe in contaminated sample. You'll know the genus and the species of the microbes.

Soap / Sanitizer Inhibitory Activity

Suit for soap, shampoo, and any desinfectant product. Analyzing your sample's ability to inhibit microbial growth (MIC).

Bacteria Culture


In common, bacteria in quickstick last for 1 year only. With us, we will help you to prolong the lifelong of your preserved bacteria to 4 years of storage.

Grab & Use Agar

Ready to use

Lactic Acid Bacteria


This analysis will help you proofing the presence of lactose fermentor bacteria in your sample (through MRSA)

Soap / Sanitizer Microbial Activity

Suit for soap, shampoo and any desinfectant product. Analyzing your sample's ability to eliminate microbes (MKC).

Yeast & Molds


 Analyze the presence of yeast and mold in your sample with the DG18 and DRBC media.

Cosmetic Product


Analyze bacteria that may contaminate your cosmetics, refer to BPOM (Indonesia) regulation. In addition, you can analyze the efficacy of cosmetic's preservative.



(Air and Swab)

Mbrio will visit your kitchen or industry to swab test the air hygiene and any surfaces, based on your parameter.

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