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Increased confidence in the product's safety

HACCP Certification has become the most common and well-adapted food safety certification for food manufacturers globally. The standard has been applied around the world for not only food manufacturers but also food services such as restaurants and hotels.

Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points is a management system that addresses food safety by analyzing and controlling biological, chemical, and physical hazards throughout the production, handling, and distribution of raw materials as well as the manufacture, distribution, and consumption of finished goods. The internationally recognized HACCP method of identifying and managing food safety-related risk can give your clients, the general public, and regulatory agencies confidence that a food safety program is properly managed when it is a key component of an active food safety program.

However, a food safety program does not end at HACCP. Prerequisite programs like pest control, traceability & recall, cleanliness, and sanitation need to be established and put into place for them to be effective. By creating ingredient criteria and a vendor assurance system, it is also necessary to address the problem of ensuring that distributors and suppliers have a food safety program.

"Food Safety" term was reffered to a safety principal for food manufacturer to produce clean and hygiene foods. This principal has been adopted globally and become the "rule of thumb" for international food trade, as it focus to prevent possible food borne disease. HACCP focuses on preventing the specific hazardous points that affect food safety. This certification will ensure the quality implementation to prevent such potential. This brings benefits when you are subject to inspection by regulatory authorities or stakeholders.

HACCP is applicable for all food manufacturer includes:

1. SME (Small Medium Enterprise)

2. Food supplier

3. Packed food industry (repacking)

4. Chain restaurant

5. Hospital kitchen

6. Catering

7. Canteen

Benefits of implementing HACCP for organization:

1. An HACCP certified manufacturer has proven themselves to be a reliable source of

    food manufacturer 

2. Expands the window of business opportunity for both national and international


3. Elevating your company branding as a compliant food manufacturer

4. Ensuring consumers that your products are safe to consume and free of dangerous


How to get certified?
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