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Any organization in the food chain, from farm to fork, can apply the Food Safety Management System, ISO 22000. By obtaining ISO 22000 certification, a business may demonstrate to its clients that it has a food safety management system in place. Customers are more likely to trust the product as a result.

An organization can be accredited to ISO 22000, that provides the specifications for a food safety management system. It specifies what must be accomplished by an organization to prove its capacity to manage potential food safety threats in order to guarantee the safety of food. Regardless of its size or place in the food chain, any business uses it.

The standard establishes requirements on the organization's implementation of prerequisite programs and HACCP, as well as processes and procedures for Food Safety Management Systems. The ISO 22000 does not include precise requirements for prerequisite programs (PRPs), but rather encourages for the company to identify and implement the relevant programs, unlike some of the other Food Safety Management Systems Certification programs (for instance, FSSC 22000 and SQF). Due to its increased flexibility, ISO 22000 can be implemented and certified by food organizations of any type.

ISO 22000 is not a standard that has been benchmarked by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). This means that FSSC 22000, which is the most similar to ISO 22000, or one of the other GFSI recognized certification schemes should be considered if your customer base or market is searching for a GFSI Recognized standard.

Benefits of implementing Food  Safety Management System for organization:

1. Control and eliminate food safety risks

2. Continual improvement in products & processes

3. Ensure sustainable food safety

4. Enable to record a systematic method for analyzing food processes, determining

    the possible hazards, adesignating the critical control points

5. Resource optimization - internally and along the food chain

6. Fewer errors and customer complaints

7. Compliance with legal and Codex HACCP principle

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